A happy employee
is 30% more productive

Autonomy, competence and belonging are essential criteria for the well-being of the human being and are also essential in the professional sphere. This makes it possible to empower and contribute to belonging within the company.

In the HR sphere, the employee has become a customer. He is the client of the HR department (talent management, career plan, employer brand policies, etc.), the one around whom and for whom the project is being built.

SimpulS is your best chance to offer the right product to your employees, so they can combine their skills with total autonomy.

67% better results in SMEs
Great Efficiency. 40% less administrative effort
Less Effort & Major Saving

The advantages
of digital accessibility

It’s been two decades since things started to change, but 2020 has taught us that we need to be more and more mobile and adapt to new constraints, not knowing what our tomorrow will bring. Like our places of work: home or work, travel: private or public transport, schedule: fixed or flexible.

Therefore, you offer the following benefits:

  • Social, financial, technical and managerial benefits.
  • Bringing innovation through relevant functionalities makes it possible to increase the success of the company through a clear commitment to accessibility 24/24 and this everywhere in the world where the network is present with maximum security.
Always Connected
Whenever they want
Wherever they are

Achieve significant savings through digital HR processes

Dematerialization is a real gargantuan and ecological economic stake for companies, because it involves significant saving between :

  • Weights of paper – Ink cartridges – Printers
  • Archiving, storage, management, sorting, maintenance
  • Loss of productivity time, time-consuming task with low added value, risk of error, corrupted file, etc.

On average, a company devotes between 5% and 15% of its turnover to this task.

SimpulS Benefits:

  • Allows better information management: faster (46% -80%), more efficient, less time-consuming
  • Information is centralized
  • Securing
  • Improved relations between employees
  • Immediate dissemination and sharing
  • Lower cost (57% -91%) and significant impact on productivity
Reduce storage Costs and Risks
Reduced Manpower Costs
0% Paper and Ink Cartridge Consumption

Manage expense reports with the latest generation of intelligent recognition

The management of expense reports can quickly turn into a nightmare and waste precious time that should be spent on activities with higher added value.

  • 81% of receipts are still in paper format in Europe.
  • 30% of employees admit that they do not always claim reimbursement of expense reports claiming that the procedure is too long and discouraging, the loss of supporting documents, too small amounts or simply forgetting. The poor quality of the reimbursement process is a source of frustration and demotivation.
  • A single expense report takes an average of 20 minutes (according to the HRS study) without error, otherwise 38 minutes.
  • Cost of treatment costs on average € 53.- (according to the HRS study) without error, otherwise beyond €100.
    The cost per time spent is estimated in billions for companies.
  • This process can take several weeks, not to mention the risk of error.

The advantages with SimpulS:

Up to 80% time savings
Lower Cost (70%-85%)

You just need to take a picture of your invoice which will be automatically entered for you thanks to the latest generation of intelligent recognition. This technology detects all relevant information within seconds. Once entered and verified, it will be sent to the manager for validation and then to accounting. Even online invoices will be retrieved automatically, centralized on your account and pre-entered.

Compliance with the expense policy is automated, as well as greater visibility of your employees’ expenses by having all data centralized in one place, allowing tighter budget control and cap expenses.
Recovery of VAT on expense reports

We can all do something to help save our planet

Forests cover almost 38% of European territory and play a crucial environmental, social and economic role.

On average, an employee uses 70kg of paper per year. One ton of paper equals the deforestation of 17 trees, the consumption of 26,500 liters of water, 3 barrels of oil, 4,100 kilowatts and the production of 3m3 of waste.

French companies alone use more than 900,000 tonnes of waste paper each year.

As SimplulS is a greentech company, we decided to participate in crowdfunding by funding the planting of a tree in Europe for each contract established.

The projects selected in these areas contribute to the sustainable development of the adaptation and resilience of forests to hazards and climate change, and to the improvement of their social, economic and environmental benefits.