SimpulS offers you a single interface for your HR management tools

This mobile application allows each of your employers and managers to centralize all work-related tools and documents such as the management of leaves, absences, evaluations, expense reports, etc.


SimpulS allows you to schedule attendances anytime and anywhere

He will be your assistant in managing your agenda, so you will always be clear about your schedule anytime and anywhere.

Share a new experience to achieve for excellence every day


Improve team coordination streamline processes and share absence schedules

Employees can:

  • Request time off or fix planned vacations;
  • Announce illness and the need to see a doctor;
  • Announce the pick up of children from school…

Managers can:

  • Validate any employees requests anytime and anywhere.

Make your life simple and saving time is the key to success


Synchronized performance reviews between managers and employees

Get HR, managers, and employees working together to build effective action plans and help employees reach personal and professional success.

Setting goals, monitoring them until achievement, allows you to learn and progress. For managers, this makes it possible to better identify and value the talents of tomorrow. You can thus enhance each mission, each project individually and no longer just value annual work.

We do not endure the future, we do.

Georges Bernanos


Increase employee engagement supplying the right tool

Many human resources professionals feel that the evalution of their mission takes them further and further away from the heart of the matter. Most feel they are being asked to respond reactively rather than proactively in a work environment where the achievement of business goals is closely tied to a proactive HR strategy.

With SimpulS you can manage team goals and improve your company’s overall focus.


Making the company hierarchy available facilitate contact between employees

Thanks to SimpulS your Human Resources will be able to concentrate all these:

  • Planning
  • Automation
  • Dematerialization
  • HR data monitoring

And always stay in touch with them in order to be closer and accessible to their well-being.